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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is online hotel reservation service with a database of over 90,000 hotels worldwide offered for lowest possible prices. Our website provides you with accurate and reliable information about rooms and rates for every hotel. Our hotel descriptions are supplied with high quality digital photos and hotel reviews from our customers.
How does affiliate program work? Affiliate Program is easy and free to join. You just place link on your web-site. This link contains your unique affiliate ID, which enables us to track all the visitors and hotel bookings. Then you receive a commission for every stayed booking.
What makes affiliate program different from others?
Our customers are able to choose from over 90,000 hotels for the lowest possible prices. Bookings through our system are free and flexible. Prime advantage of working with is that we offer 2.5-3% conversion rate, which results in your affiliate commissions increase by 2-3 times. Our web-site provides you with simply structured content and traveller’s unbiased reviews. It’s also worth mentioning, that our customers positively appreciate high level of security we provide for their personal data.
Is there any joining fee?
Partnering with is absolutely free.
Can I register multiple web-sites under one partner account?
You can use a single affiliate account for any number of web-sites. You just need to notify before adding the link on your web-site, so that we approve it.
What integration option is the best for me?
Our affiliate program offers various integration options including banners, text links and search boxes, as well as the XML solutions. The more you integrate the content on your web-site, the more you maximize your chances to get a greater commission. Once you sign up to our affiliate program you’ll be able to find out full information on those integration options in the Implementation section. expert team is ready to help you find the most suitable solution for your web-site.
How does the tracking system work?
Every link from your web-site to contains your unique affiliate ID number (aid), which is used to track reservations. All reservations made via this link by your site visitors are registered in your affiliate account. You’ll be able to track all the statistics by logging into your affiliate account.
How long does the cookie last? keeps the customer referral cookie active, for 365 days.
What conversion do you guarantee?
As opposed to prepaid hotel websites which offer the conversion rate around 0.8-1% on targeted traffic, offers you 2.5-3%, which means affiliate commissions to increase by 2-3 times versus your potential earnings.
How and when do I get paid? will pay commission to its affiliates for “Stayed Bookings”, once a minimum month target of 100 USD is reached. Payments are made via PayPal or Wire Transfer on a monthly basis, 30-60 days after the booking(s) have been finalized.
How much will I be paid?
Your commission is based on "Stayed Bookings". You will receive a commission share of what receives from the hotel. The commission share is based on the number of "Stayed Bookings" calculated on a monthly basis and determined according to a progressively structured model calculated in accordance with the following table:
Materialised Transactions per month Percentage Commission Split
0-50 3% from the amount of booking
more than 50 3,5% from the amount of booking
more than 100 4% from the amount of booking
more than 300 4,5% from the amount of booking
more than 500 5% from the amount of booking
Can I participate in other affiliate programs?
Yes, you are able to participate on other affiliate programs except the one of
I represent a travel agency. Can I use your affiliate program?
Yes, you can but certain additional policies apply.
What languages do you support? web-site is currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Arabic. You may use the language bar located on the top left of the web-site page to switch between the languages.
Who do I contact?
If you have any further questions please contact us: